Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday Bill and I went to the Public Library book sale and I came away with these fantastic books for only $3!! The green and tan one is the Farm Journal's Freezing and Canning Cookbook circa 1967. It even had cut out articles from newspapers inside it with extra recipies. I got to also go to Rural King and price a food dehydrator ($40-65) and a pressure canner. The smallest one had a price tag of $79 the other ones I couldnt find prices listed but I could guess it was over a $100. I plan on shopping around prices online as well. I still haven't gotten to spend time in the library itself to check out books but its been busy. I have a job interview Wednesday morning.
I was talking at work about wanting to make cheeses and butter and Deanna said they did that once using baby food jars? Wonder how well that works out and if I could use a good sealing mayo jar for that.

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