Thursday, November 8, 2007

Backtrack a moment

This was Tuesday night until Wednesday morning. Ok so I have been rather industrious as of late, cleaning, laundry (my normal weekend stuff) but I also dove into the "craft room" and straightened it out. It looks soooo much better and I might be able to work in there now without being cramped. I hauled crap out to the living room and had 3 piles...Garbage, Shed, and Who's this belong to. J woke up around quarter til 5am and we proceeded to weed out what I had dragged out. Cleared out a fair bit of junk. While cleaning it out I got my winter clothes out and managed to clear out my closet. I have a garbage bag full of stuff to have taken to the Women's shelter. The other half of the room that I didnt attack is mainly weapons for Dagorhir fighting (foam weapons). Later in the morning J and I ran down the street to Arnold's grocery, then we made waffles :D I miss real maple syrup. But the bottle I got was on sale for a dollar and wasnt that bad.

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