Thursday, November 1, 2007

Drumming, dancing and bison

So November is Native American Cultures Month at SIU here in Carbondale. They had a drumming and dancing exhibition and I took my last personal day to attend it with J. I love Native American culture, not only cuz thanks to Dad I have some Cherokee (lots of people have some) and Blackfoot (not so many ppl have) running in me. So I sat in awe and adoration of drummers and dancers. I actually prefer NA drumming to most drumming you find in the pagan communities and I actually detest having to drum, I prefer to listen. I'll only do it if it's absolutely necessary. I do however like rattles and other shakers. Go figure. We didn't stay nearly as long as I wanted to but I still had a good time. On the way out there was a booth set up by the local bison farm with info on them AND a price list. Which is great cuz yesterday I was at my friends' Halloween Party/Wedding reception and they served chili with bison and I mentioned I would love to have some. Someone sells it at the Co-Op but Im not sure if it's the same people. If it is their farm is about 15-20 min away from the trailer, might take a road trip and tour. I promise to get more batteries soon.


Phelan said...

One great thing about the interenet. I am Irish and Blackfoot! My grandfather was full Blackfoot. And you are right, there isn't many left {because they really liked white woman ;)

We have a place here called The Great Plains Indian Center. Every weds. they serve Indian Tacos and have dances once a month. I enjoy it.

Eliezer said...

Hey Steph, Kerry actually had the headpiece made by a local artist - she wanted to be able to use it for her tribal belly dancing performances as well. :)-Shannon