Thursday, January 31, 2008

The blob, bucket style

To update, the laundry soap was a gelatinous thing with little liquid, maybe i needed more water?? It also was on the floor so it might just have been too cold. Moved it to the laundry room on top of the dry we'll see how it does. Teen got her drivers license. And we haven't heard anything from the real estate agent yet. J moved out and S hasn't been home much. So I got super industrious tonight and cleaned like a mad woman. Here's my proof....

The place only looks this nice when I do this; otherwise, it is a sad, sad sight. My own mother can attest to this. Bill will be pleasantly suprised when he gets home. When I wake up Thurs I am tackling Teen's room..she's had more than enough time to avoid this. Now Im off to find my body lotion as my hands are screaming dry.

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