Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earthquakes and bakes

So I get online about 9pm or so Tuesday and the first thing I see is that Britain had an earthquake and I'm all in a panic. The second thing I see is that my friend Matt (who lives there) is on my yahoo messenger. So I'm blazing up an IM to know that him and his are all ok...they are thank Gods. So it got me to thinking that I really need to show and let ALL my friends know how much they mean and have meant to me even when I don't see them that much or in this case, at all. I've known Matt for many years but I've never actually met him. I actually "met" him online via my ex husband and an online game called Everquest. Anyway, over the course of time Matt became a great source of friendship and sanity for me when everything went to hell in a handbasket. Sometimes we'd lose track of each other and what we were doing for long periods of time but I still consider him a my friend, and that is a rare thing in my world let me tell you. It's kinda funny how life is. So I have a project in my head to go with "I need to let my friends know I care" kind of thing.

In other news I have a dutch oven that I'm borrowing coming tommorow and I am going to attempt to do the "No knead bread" recipe that was featured in Mother Earth News magazine.
It will be my first attempt to make bread. I am also trying to find my glass bread pan to use for when I attempt "normal" loaf style bread..I have no idea what I'm doing on bread stuffs.

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