Thursday, February 7, 2008

Took a day to ourselves

I took a personal day and Bill had to call in to work. We both needed a break. Since this whole house thing he hasn't been sleeping even 4 hours a day. He works at a factory and I've been quite worried about his lack of sleep. Exhaustion is a mild term to use. He needs to really watch that as he is also a diabetic. So we spent the day talking, eating, laughing and resting. Teen came home and we had really good family time with Bill's famous salsa and a red beans, rice, hamburger and kielbasa mixture I made for dinner. He laid down for a bit and I intend to let him sleep for a long while.

Last night in my boredom I decided to make some iron on transfers and today I made 2 t-shirts. (Teen didn't care for one) I had some first time mistakes but this was fun so I'm going to try some more. So here are my pics.

The design printed "flipped" ready to iron on

The ironing process takes 3 minutes

When it cools you then peel off the backing

Up close shot, now it needs to be washed.

Washed, dried and just a touch faded


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I like that! Where did you find your transfer picture? That would be cool on a few cloth grocery bags, too.

Barb Huffman said...

Hi, It's Barbara from It's Not Easy Being Green, I took a few minutes to look thru your blog, and quite enjoyed it. Hope to get to know you better thru your blog and share emails with you. I think we are quite a bit alike. Barbara

CatHerder said...

Just surfed in..LOVE THE SHIRT! Although you probably cant tell from my blog, i am very interested in sustainable living...and yes we recycle everything! Great blog..