Monday, May 26, 2008

And then there was..well..Me

So at 6:26am cst on Tuesday the 27th I will be officially 30.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I remember when 30 seemed old-now it seems so young.

Enjoy your day!

Kathie said...

Happy Birthday! I like being in my 30s so much better than my 20s, I hope you do too!

Mysti said...

Welcome to the next stage of your life. :) Personally, my 30's have been the best. Hope you enjoyed your day and enjoy this time.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday! And Hooray for us Geminis for sure! I loved my thirties - my life didn't really get started until I turned thirty, and it's been rolling steadily in a really positive direction since then ;).

Now, that I'm firmly in my 40's, I can say with complete certainty that it only gets better ;).