Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day to my readers who are moms and also to those like me who take care of other peoples children because we love them. I have to be at work today in about an hour or so so this will be short. I got a bundle of seeds from Tammie over at the Unusual don't know how much it has touched me. I seriously almost cried. It's a kindness and a sense of community that I haven't felt in so long. You, my readers and bloggers, are my neighbors. This trailer court I live in is so disconnected that we barely have any interaction with the people who live around us. It's not how I grew up and I look forward to moving ...and then of course I have all of you. Thank you very much.


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Steph~ I feel awful about their tardiness. I get in the store and never walk out with everything I meant to get. My trips are always with 2 toddlers in tow- add in the almost 9 year old and I better have a list for the milk and flour...
I am so happy you like them. I may have forgot a few, so let me know. I had put everything back in my seed box to protect from my chunky finger noisy nellies. My best wishes and many many positive energy bursts your way on FINDING the home and space you desire, soon.
And a happy belated Mothers day to you, too.

Anonymous said...

Just because you buy in a residential neighborhood doesn't mean you can't have chickens. Check with your county. I live in a very residential (2000 home) suburb in MD in the great Washington, DC area. I called the county, and you are allowed to have chickens where I live. I asked how many I could have, and the woman asked how large our yard is. I told her 1/2 acre, and she said we could have 16 chickens. I got quite a laugh at at, because I couldn't figure out how they came up with exactly the number 16. I would like to get females only. I am still researching how to do this without attracting snakes and rats.