Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So my birthday came and went. The day before and today were pretty good but my actual birthday day was a little depressing. We have been spending a lot lately, catching up on bills and the regular odds and ends...well to make a long story short, my nifty little stimulus check is gone..can't say exactly that we blew it but man I should have been paying closer attention. I was pretty devestated and Bill wasn't... Not mad at all. But things are looking better today. And Bill and the Teen cheered me up with cool and thoughtful gifts. A motivational poster starring ME!!, a new pair of jeans, some peat pellets and Homemade greenhouses out of roasting pans. Oh....and I should be making 2 very cool announcements tomorrow after I get off of work cuz I dont think I will make it home in time to post it before then...sorry!

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