Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doing Not thinking 1st Week Update

I got started a little early as you can tell by the last post. Went out in the garden Monday afternoon with Bill and harvested more cukes, 5 more spaghetti squashes, some grape toms (YAY!) still more jalapenos and finally some sugar snap peas (though a small few actually made it in the house lol) Going to do more pickles and Im trying another recipe for pepper jelly...the other one wasnt bad but it was not hot enough. I want to do some pickled green tomatoes...gods know I have a boatload that will not turn for me. The watermelons are getting HUGE and I found 2 cantaloup but they are small. They are hard to find..the grass has reclaimed. Um and the lettuce is going to seed :( grrrr. Got Tues and Wed off. I will be on the attack, grass beware!

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