Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

It's too wet to till but I did set out stuff in all of the raised beds. I put down spinach, the broccoli plants, jalepenos (yeah it might be too eary) onions, bibb lettuce, loose leaf lettuce, radishes -both globe and french breakfast - an elongated strain. I am running out of room again in the grow boxes.

We did however go fishing :) We went Mon evening, Tuesday evening (after it stopped raining) and most of today. I only caught 4 bluegill, 3 were big enough. Bill caught 13 and had to throw 2 or 3 back. There WILL be more fishing. My wonderful husband takes care of the cleaning. I cannot handle that part very well. What was left over is buried in the compost. We use ALL the buffalo in this house :D

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