Friday, July 2, 2010

I am at Burger King soaking up the WiFi.  I am without internet at least for a week or so grrr. I'm taking a two hr break and grabbing dinner and running some errands. Today I've been working a bit in the garden. I am having to clean up the garden with a hand held scythe.  Its working pretty good, well better than the weed whacker, that keeps getting messed up in the tall grass.  We have been getting a steady crop of jalepenos, zuchinni, yellow squash and  cucumbers.  I havent done any pickling yet though.  The peas did not do well again this year and my herbs are meh.  However the beans are looking ok and the stella blue pumpkin has fruited!!  I will get picks up soon after I get the garden back in shape.  When we leave here its back home to work some more in the garden.  Oh and  I forgot to mention... for anyone interested I have a facebook :)  Feel free to add me


Catherine said...

Hey, I can't find you on Facebook. They insist there are no Stephanies in DeSoto, Il. (Actually, they don't admit there IS a DeSoto, Il.) What name should I be looking under?

Stephanie said...

Stephanie McNelly and look for St. Louis thats the closest network city