Wednesday, January 26, 2011

End of January

It's been good then bad then better then worse and now its just "meh".  One of my roommates ditched out on me with a weeks notice. Grrr.  Brian is still here though and I also have a friend emergency crashing at my place after her and her guy split. If she gets the job she's going for then she will probably become the new roommate. If not then she's moving up north to stay with fam or in with someone who can afford to let her stay rent free, as is I could only offer her a month.  I feel bad but there's not much else I can do. I can't afford it. I need paying roommates.

Things with me and Bill have deteriorated significantly. We get along for a bit and then it goes all to hell. I still love him, I miss him but there is no hope of reconciliation. When it's all said and done no matter how bad it gets between us I want only good and happy things for him. I have yet to file for divorce, I don't have the money for a lawyer (I'd rather just do it ourselves) but Im trying to save up. Maybe I will have enough after taxes. Im still kinda lost on this and I still get depressed a lot about the whole thing.

One thing that has helped is the planning of the gardens. They are a mess at the moment. I did a piss poor job of putting it to bed. One thing is for sure I want black cloth or paper to lay down, concrete blocks and mulch. Oh and a fence I must have a fence this year. Lots of plans to travel short trips and long. Short trips like going to see Bakers Creek Seed Company just over in Missouri, a trip over to Ohio and maybe Kentucky.  The bigger ones like Ragnarok will be interesting to try to swing this year. But Im up for the challenge. What are you guys doing to pass this damnable cold weather?


Catherine said...

I hope you're planning to come this way! The Baker's Creek thing sounds great--I don't know why I hadn't thought about it. Great idea for a homeschool field trip. Maybe at harvest time? Maybe We'll see you there!

mmpaints said...

Hey Steph! Hate to hear things aren't going well but it will pass, I know it will. As for the winter blahs, can't help ya there. I'm suffering from them myself, pacing a hole in the floor! Too drafty in my "box" to even start seeds and too cold to bring myself to work on the storage house, LOL. (lazy, yep)

fullfreezer said...

I, too am deep in garden planning to pass the time, although we are also planning a kitchen in March... oh the fun we have on Spring Break- no beach trips for us.
I'm sorry to hear that relationship and renter things are not going well for you. I'll send good thoughts your way.

Phelan said...

Sorry to ear things are going sour. Maybe I will head out to Bakers creek in May to meet up with you, maybe we can convince Ravenfae to let us crash at Wolf woods. (She lives close by to Baker Creek) Let me know, we can make a few plans. And you are welcome here in Kansas anytime.

Lynne said...

If you and your husband are able to agree on the divorce terms and property terms, can you just get some online agreement and file for your own divorce? Or are there any "group" legal symposiums you can go to?
My mom died in a car accident in 2005. She had gone to a "will mill" where an attorney charged something like $200 to get people signed up for wills. It was a group sort of thing at a hotel conference center where several hundred people paid the $200 and got their will done. Anyway, her will was perfectly legal, and there were absolutely no problems filing the will, getting a bank release, etc.
I hope everything goes well for you. I came across your blog some time ago when I was googling garden ideas, and I also grew up in S. Illinois (Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, at a younger age central Il Peoria), so it is good to hear what's going on there.
Lynne in MD