Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plagues and names and such

I'm still here! I've been recovering from a bout of "plague" which basically caused me to be off almost a week from work and almost threatened to go to pneumonia but it was a bluff. Though my doctor was poised to through my butt on antibiotics I managed to avoid it. I'm feeling much better. Unfortunately the rest of Sister Zim (excluding her and Baby) are now in various stages of sick (but they are presenting different so it might not have been me).

We (Sister Zim and I) went over the entries for the naming contest. We really liked them but none seemed to really set to us, instead they set us off on tangents and fused with other names. In the end it ended up being a mash up of a couple entries and several of you had the same word used in your entries so 4 people are getting seeds.

So my garden is now called......."The Arkham Acres Funny Farm" and I would have to remember all the tangents, make a flow chart, explain how Bedlam and Anachronistic turned into Arkham but yeah I'm lazy and not going to.  So Judy, Catherine, Lamb and Annie M....send me an email (link is on my profile) with the address for me to send your seeds :)