Friday, August 3, 2012

Baking Bread

So a little over a year ago I was gifted a bread machine by friends who were combining households and didnt want it anymore.  It sat in it's box in my trunk for a really long time until the Alero died in January and it was brought home when I cleaned out said car before selling her for scrap. Then it proceeded to sit on the floor until a couple weeks ago when I decided to do a deep clean of the house.  The conversation with Walley then began about actually USING it. He had forgotten we had it as well. Walley loves bread and decided to start reading the manual and took it upon himself to get ingredients to make bread.  Today he decided he was going to attempt the Parmesan Pepper loaf recipe and set it on the timer to be done when he got home.  So while I puttered around the house recovering from a particularly wicked migraine he got it all set up. 

Walley adding yeast to the mix
What the whole mix looks like. Bread machines are picky about what exact order they are put in.
So the time was set so that it would start it's yummy magic at 7p I waited in anticipation and then suddenly it kicked on and started to sound like a Gatling gun...not good. I go to check on it and its having a seizure on the counter and as I look through the view window I can see that it's not mixing. So I called, facebooked and texted around and got the general consensus that I need to stop it and open the lid and try pushing the pan farther down. I did as I was bade and it locked in properly. I restarted the mixer to the blissful sound of normal kneading and texted Walley to let him know all that there are just 2 hours left to go. I will update with pictures soon!


So I was given an Oster bread machine. Walley is trying to do his first batch and the entire thing sounds like its going to explode now, its in the mixing mode. Is this normal?

***UPDATE**** Found out the problem was the pan wasn't pushed down all the way. Crisis averted! I will do a proper post on Walley's and my bread adventure shortly after I get the photos uploaded