Monday, May 20, 2013


When you set out on a path with certain goals in mind you have a set course in mind.  If you're smart you know that the path may not take you exactly the way you envisioned it and sometimes where you end up is not where you planned on at all.  I've written before that I wanted a family of my own, to be a mother. I left a marriage to fulfill this dream. In the 3 years since then I have had relationships and even fallen in love but it's nothing that has brought me closer to where I want to be. I've had to walk away from those relationships with a sad heart, and now Im walking away from someone who loves me, who I love too, because some differences cannot be overcome. Bill taught me that the hard way, and I will not allow myself to enter into a battle I cannot win. We both new that it would come to an end we just didn't expect to end up in love.  The next few months will be spent in the garden in introspection while I heal up. Sometimes going after what you really want, whether it's a self sufficient home grown life or a family life, requires sacrifice.

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