Sunday, September 29, 2013

The road I'm on

It's one of those cold chilly nights. I don't have anything to do really except for lay back and enjoy the cold air coming in from the open window by my bed. Autumn has always been a time for introspection, for healing my soul and for gathering my thoughts in preparation for the new year.

I admit I feel stuck waiting for my life to start its next chapter, Brandon moving in. At times it feels like I cannot make any plans until he's here. I fear that the lifestyle that I want to live, one of self sufficiency, urban homesteading and of intentional community will not suit him. The plans in my head are working under the assumption that he is on board 100 percent.

I want to get to a place where I can grow my own food from heirloom plants. To be able to avoid GMO products. To be able to raise the animals that produce the food for my table or at least know that they being raised without excessive hormones or antibiotics and under proper conditions. To be self sustainable is many areas as possible. I want to live in a place where me, my friends and other like minded folk and our children will be able to live healthy ,honorable and productive lives.

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