Sunday, January 5, 2014

January musings aka Happy New Year!

So happy new year folks!!! I write to you as we wait for the first Winter storm of 2014 to roll in.  I hope everyone's staying warm! We have plenty of milk and tp ;) No need for us to panic.. We've had plenty before the storm warning.

A lot of things have been going on here. Brandon had moved in from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania over thanksgiving weekend and I'm and getting use to having him in the house 24/7. It's strange sometimes having him here but I'm slowly getting use to it. He has taken over the cooking for the most part which has been a great help. He had gone with me to my nutritionist appointment so he is on board with how I should be eating.  It has helped us save money which is always a great thing. He is still looking for a job here so every bit helps. He likes to make things from scratch which makes me happy. I'm introducing him to vegetables,  something he is not use to. He really hated most vegetables but is coming around.  

I am gearing up for the planning next year's garden with him in mind.  Brenna did most of the garden this year, something I have to make sure doesn't happen this year. My schedule was so wonky and Sister Zim was too busy with the baby to help but this year should be different.

 What kind of projects hold you over till it's time for seed starting? 

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