Monday, November 30, 2015

Post Turkey Day

School and life have kept me away from writing, sorry folks. College is going ok. Im doing well in my classes and we are fast approaching the end of the semester. So far Im all A's and B's.  Stuff on the homefront has been tight. Making my unemployment stretch has been an education in frugality. Extra money is being set aside for things, like road trips, in a jar. I've been using my Ibotta app and saving up my rebates as well to use later. A friend of mine just got me onto the Walmart app with its Savings Catcher; so far I am up to $6 and as I unfortunately shop Walmart often I figure I might as well use it, every penny counts.

Next semester the credit hours are going to be higher AND I need to pick up a job.  Im not looking forward to it. Guess it's a good thing I dont have kids yet.

I'm exhausted and there isnt much more I can think to tell you guys, other than yes, I am still here.