Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Have I mentioned that Bill is into the whole homesteading idea? REALLY into it. Besides our talking about land and what not he has gone slightly insane in downloading DIYs and Homesteading books and articles...and yes he will read them all. He mentioned how much he loves the Back to Basics book that I got from the library and so I found a copy for him on Ebay that Im hoping to win. He got me a subscription to Mother Earth News as an early Yule present. He point blank told me he 100% wants to do this..and not just to make me happy either. That makes me pretty ecstatic. He was disappointed in the loss of the peppers as I was. He uses it a lot in his cooking. He has been thinking ahead about things we would need if we found say earnest money, inspection fees etc. He has also taken inventory on things he would need WHEN we get it, like a list of tools and equipment he doesnt have. Oh yeah and we need a tractor :)

Still dont know what Im going to do about the canning business, I keep looking for them online and the classifieds and freecycle but to no avail. I simply cannot affort a pressure canner right now. But I want to start this stuff NOW. Yes I can be impatient at times, its not a usual trait of mine though. Well Im off to go clean some stuff and work off my irritation. Its just half past midnight and I'm nowhere near tired.


Katie said...

For a pressure canner - ebay & craigslist might not be practical because of shipping but be sure to look. Have you placed an ad in your paper saying you want one? I did that with a grainmill and got all kinds of calls...

As for canning, do stuff you can in the boiling water canner for now and work on the pressure stuff when you get one - it'll at least quench the canning thirst.

Eliezer said...

Hey Steph,

The people I know IRL only hot-water can, so it took me a while to get confident about the pressure canner, but now I pull it out and can a few jars without thinking twice - my husband got ours off of e-bay, and I bought a food dehydrator that way too - only paid about 20 dollars all told with the price plus shipping (there are always a TON for sale on there) I read a million websites about how to pressure can and then used the manual that came with's much less intimidating and complicated once you can a few things. :) Thanks for visiting! -Shannon at Silver Forge Farm