Thursday, February 9, 2012

Works in progress

Well the end of January kinda sucked. My Alero died, the engine was shot. It was going to cost me $1350 to get a newer engine put in. The car wasn't even worth 1/4 of that. So I am currently without a car. The money I got scrapping her has gone into my savings account as I start saving for a down payment on a new car. I went to the banks but my credit took quite a hit and they won't finance me unless I have a co-signer. The dealerships were the same. I am lucky that the roommates and friends don't mind taking me into town for work and shopping etc.

In good news I was offered a workshare position over at Frontwards Farm.  I'm very honored to be thought well enough of to be offered this opportunity to work with something on this scale. Me, working in a hoop house and a high tunnel...and they have chickens!! Another reason to get the car thing taken care of asap.

Im grabbing my seeds and starting inventory for this year's garden. I have decided I will set up garden space for other people in my backyard. I have 2 people already on board. I will have to get the areas measured and twined off for them. I think I may rent a big tiller to work the beds this time. My front tine tiller needs some maintenance done. Im looking forward to the growing season.