Sunday, March 8, 2015

Om nom nom

The thaw has begun in Southern Illinois. Everything is wet and muddy. There are still bits of ice and piles of snow here and there, especially where snowplows have created mounds of it but it got up to 47° today and it's just going up from there! Im just happy to not feel so achey and that I dont have to drive on ice!

I've been doing a lot of house cleaning and trying out new recipes. I've been trying really hard not to eat out, which is easier to do when you don't leave the house as much. But I also wanted to increase my cooking repertoire. With my first ex hubby all he wanted to eat was Hamburger Helper, pizza and canned ravioli. To this day even thinking of it can make me nauseous. The second was a great cook but every time I tried to cook on my own he would butt in and then take over. The boyfriend did this several times and I just stopped trying. After the call center closed I put my foot down. I wanted to cook and eat good food.

 Most times I forget to take pictures of the food but I've made some pretty tasty things lately. These are recipes out of Thug Kitchen's Cookbook which Walley picked up. Now, I will warn you, their stuff is meat and dairy free but these have passed Walley and the boyfriend's taste testing with flying colors and they are now going to be on regular rotation as they were originally written and also tweaked for when we are feeling at bit more like carnivores ☺ I made the stuffed peppers below with beef broth instead of veggie, because I had it on hand already.

Barley stuffed peppers

Sweet Corn and Green Chile Baked Flautas
Nailed it!
These flautas were a big hit. I've made them twice now. First time I stuck to the recipe. Second time around found us adding spiced ground beef and cheese. Next time we will forgo the cheese. We took it to a table top game night and they went quick. and while they're definitely able to go into the fridge if you have leftovers you will want to reheat them in a cast iron skillet so that the tortilla gets crisp again

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st update

In two weeks I will be officially unemployed. I cannot believe its been 6 weeks already. Time has flown so fast that I'm sort of sick to my stomach. I miss having a set schedule and routine. I am desperately trying to get back on one. I am eating healthier, and a lot of housework is getting done in a more timely manner. I am enjoying this somewhat domestic phase I've fallen in to. Some days I really wish I could just be a Stay-at-home Stephie™

Meal planning is going well. We have only been solidly planning dinners, our breakfast and lunches are usually left overs from the night before because we sometimes don't wake up until noon. (another reason I want back on a schedule) We went off track this week as one of my best friends and his girlfriend came to visit. We went out to eat a lot this week but it was well worth it. Michigan is so far away from Southern Illinois. I am planning to take a week or so up to visit them. Probably in April but not sure. I am quite excited about it. 

There is another thing I am excited about. I am going back to school! Since I'm considered a displaced worker there is a program offered to me. Pick an approved degree or certificate program from a list the program offers and they pay for it. Tuition, books and mileage. If I had kids they would help with childcare (too bad I don't) I'm happy and scared. I haven't been in school for almost 18 years. I've got things narrowed down to a couple options but it really looks like Medical Transcription, medical secretary, etc. I will start this Fall as there is too much this summer that I am supposed to do, and there is also the garden. Cannot wait for all this snow to go away!!