Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On to another weekend

Second interview went well but as much as I want to get back into the hospital Im not sure this is the job for me. That and right as they were calling me in the power went out! Kinda says something to me. Bill says if thats the case and they offer it to me then say no. Im worried that this will be my only shot back into the hospital but I guess it really isnt. Its just after 3am and it's my "weekend". What is on my agenda? The library again....hoping to get books and to also hit the Co-op to price check and gather some other info. Still want my own place, now more than ever. I ended up spending $39 on a new pair of pants and a new pair of shoes. I think Im going to have my bike checked out tomorrow and see if I can bike into town....that should make for an interesting post. I have some new pics but Im not sure what to put up or what anyone would want to see.

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Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

The thing I've learned about blogging is just to be yourself - post what interests you and comment on blogs you like. Eventually people start coming by because you share common interests. Write for yourself not for readers otherwise you might lose the passion - at least that's been my experience.