Monday, October 29, 2007

Decisions, decisions

So I decided not to take the job. The fact that I kept questioning it was one of the deciding factors. The other one was the fact that I would give up my Xmas bonus and would not be getting one at the new place whatsoever. That money will not only help with Yule but also help pay off bills. Paying off bills leads me to have more money for things like a house and land :D I found a kit house that I want if we can't find land with a place on it. Actually there are two that we really liked. There were a couple possibilities in the classifieds today that I hope to call about. I also have been scouring the papers and Freecycle about a pressure canner to no avail.

The library called today to let me know that "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" arrived so we went and got it. I didn't get to read much of it tonight at work because of the paper hunting and well, and I did have to actually work too. I found that two grocery stores are having VERY good sales. I need to do some inventory and see what we need. Hard to pass up 10 for $10 sales and loaves of bread for 88 cents. They do freeze well. Then I need to re-arrange the cabinets and the pantry. I want more room mwahahahahahahah.

Tomorrow I am going to try to drag Bill out of bed to help me take the ac unit out. I miss having a window I can open and it is officially too cold to have it. It needs to be properly wrapped and put in the shed. J got on the roof of the trailer over the weekend and cleaned and recoated it. But it hasn't rained or stormed again to check the seal. I brought the rosemary plant in and we'll see if I can keep her alive. The jalepeno and cayenne plants are still producing but it's getting down to 34 F tonight don't think they will be around much longer..they did splendidly this year with little effort ...however I have way too much cayenne... note to self... six plants is too many for us. I've dried quite a bit for Bill to use for cooking and I have given a bunch away as well. I could probably try 2 jalepenos next year and definitely more bell peppers. Ohhh but planning the garden for next spring must wait as I am still waiting to hear about if the park dist. is doing allotments this next year... otherwise Im gonna be screwed. My little plot just doesn't get enough good light to warrant making it bigger.

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Jennifer said...

Wow - You are from C'Dale! Me too! And I work at the hospital. It's a small world. hehe