Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy days

Still haven't gotten to go to the library. Life keeps getting into the way..well actually Saturday we had to go to the SIU homecoming parade as the teenager was in it. It was a really long parade I might have pictures but I cant find my cam at the moment. Then today I was at fight practice....I'm part of a medieval combat group, but I had to work this afternoon so I just hung out and talked. It was great because I talked with a friend of mine who is VERY eco friendly and we are kicking around the idea of getting an allotment and splitting it. He is getting divorced and is letting her have the house and has moved in with another friend of ours. He is clearing some space there and has been allowed to put in a raised bed but it wont be very big. Not nearly what he usually plants. I've come to the hard conclusion that while I have lots of yard here at the trailer court only the front part of my plot gets good sunlight. My friend has said he' come out and help me and Bill start our compost pile (especially with placing it) and also plans for the garden here to optimize it. So Im psyched.

So hopefully I'll hit the library late Monday morning and if not then I will definitely hit it Tues or Wed as those are my days off of work. What types of books do you guys read as far as homesteading and gardening?

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