Friday, October 19, 2007

Storms and such

We had some spectacular storms last night I was up til 4 am helping the teen do her laundry. We never once lost power but major portions of the town and the next one over did. We needed the rain. Southern Illinois has had a bit of a drought. No damage to the trailer or cars. I enjoy storms thoroughly just have to be careful with the possibility of tornados.

Today was a good day. I took a half day from work and spent some extra QT with Bill. It was wonderful. I also talked to my dad yesterday and mentioned that I was looking at dehydrators and pressure canners. He said my mom's mother has one stashed away that he doesn't think she even knows she has anymore. (they just redid her cabinets and found a LOT of stuff i guess lol) He was going to talk to her about it and if she agrees he will see about getting it checked for safety and if safe then calibrated :) He said he'd mention to Mom about the dehydrator as a possible Yule gift. I am trying to figure out what I want to plant next year, I usually dont do that until Feb or March but with the possibility of getting the extra allotment I want to be prepared. I talked to my mom today but briefly as she was taking my out of town cousins to the doctors office. She wants me to come visit. I get some time off to burn soon Im hoping to get up there before Halloween, hopefully before Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is a fairly blah day, Bill mention picking up stuff to make his famous salsa and Im going to hit the Co-Op to ask around about local meat and dairy. Oh and of course my never ending quest to get to the library to check out some books.

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