Monday, November 19, 2007

The housing crunch

So its been awhile. Bill has been working days on a safety comittee thing and so that kiboshes my late night blogs. I've been really stressed out lately. I completely attribute it to lack of blogging :) Bill has a temp of 100 and teen isnt feeling well either.

We have been looking at getting a place of our own. Where we live has been a pain in the butt for a while, when I first moved here (almost 3 years come Christmas Day) it was me, Bill, the teen, J&S, G, 3 cats and 1 dog in a 3(now made into 4) bedroom, 1 bathroom double wide trailer. It was cramped but somehow we made it work for the most part. Then this last May G graduated and he and the dog moved up by Chicago. S&J bought the trailer from him (or so I thought, more on that later). Since then things have pretty much sucked. I do most of the cleaning anymore (though we each have house chores we are suppose to take care of) because otherwise it doesnt get done.
Tonight I find out tonight that J called off their engagement. They are still together but I don't believe that'll last long. In fact me and Bill saw this coming. But I'll not get into details the point is is that tonight Bill found out that S owns the trailer. Which clears up some concerns and makes new ones. We have to find a place, even if its just renting again until we find something to buy when they do break up, which I do foresee. They have mentioned long before about the possibility of buying it from them when they graduated but I dont want this place. There are too many problems that they are either not taking care of or are doing half assed patch work on. We have been mulling over the whole prospect of our own place really since I got bitten by the "green" bug and gushing about what I'd really like to do.

So now we are really truly needing to look at places. We really had only looked at one place about 20 minutes from here but they want waaayy too much money for the condition that the place is in... I haven't even tried to get pre-approved for a loan. It would have to be in my name as Bill's 2nd ex (I'll explain our family later on sometime) completely trashed his credit. Anyhow, so the race I guess is on.


Marylander said...

What is a pagan?

Stephanie said...

Sorry that this took soo long i didnt see it. This is a pagan:


One who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew, especially a worshiper of a polytheistic religion.