Monday, November 5, 2007

So since my last entry several thing have happened. Bill's truck broke down and what we thought was going to be a $150 job turned in to a $260 job. At the $150 mark we had been ok about it. I would buy the groceries (we usually split it even, thats another story later) and then the extra money had to come out so that pretty much screwed us up. To the point were I freaked out and did a panicky scramble. This would be putting us behind in bills. I tend to freak out about stuff like that. I had already been trying to catch deals and clip coupons and what not, I had found quite a few good deals that were going on. So now its Saturday, the last day of said good deals and this truck fiasco is going on. I decide that I cannot pass up the deals and must shop. Since I have to work Saturdays I had to do it on my lunch break. So I called Bill and got an update, the truck was finally fixed and he met me up at Krogers. I hauled ass (according to Bill I almost ran people over) and hit all the sales I had written down on my paper (I was planning this out) and when it was all said and done I kicked ass! Bill called me amazing :) What would have been $103 in groceries I knocked down to $83 with my savings card deals and my coupons. Call me silly but I kept my receipt, like a first prize ribbon or something, I felt very proud. Now I keep telling myself I could save more money when I start canning and baking my own stuff. Now to just watch my spending the next couple weeks and hopefully we will get back on track.

The second thing that happened was I had an allergic reaction (we think) last night and it scared the crap out of me. Bill was off and I made a late night dinner after I got home, still glowing from the shopping triumph. I made Tequilla lime marinade chicken and a salad with balsamic vinagrette dressing. About 10-15 minutes after dinner I started coughing and having problems catching my breath, then I had to push really hard to breathe and was wheezing...I didnt know what was happening I got all phlemy in my throat and chest, my nose started clogging up on me and my head started hurting from all the coughing...I kept throat isnt closing up, my tongue isn't swelling this cant be an allergic reaction. Bill was trying to keep me from freaking out but he started pacing. So we dosed me with Benadryl tablets and waited after about an hour my nose declogged and started running (not fun at all) and my wheezing finally calmed down a little. We went to bed and all I remember was falling into bed. I woke up today late and felt fine just really tired. So the only thing that was different was the Tequilla lime marinade, I've had balsamic vinagrette before and I was drinking chamomile tea and honey, something I do often and I had some of that before I even started cooking dinner. The chicken tasted divine, which really sucks now cuz I'm never gonna have it again.

It's cold as hell out now and very pretty. Im thinking about doing a batch of candles early for Yule & Christmas presents. The trailer is cold, the furnace is kept on very low. J put some shrink wrap on the windows but refuses to do the sliding glass door, which is old and the door doesnt shut right and therefore leaks cold air like no ones business. They need to caulk leaks around that and the front door. Im very irritated about this. I might do the sliding glass door myself and say to hell with it, let her get pissed. I have to dig out my winter clothes and wash them. I love sweaters and sweatshirts ....I should learn how to knit or something. Anyway, I dont mind layering some clothes but damn I won't be an eskimo.


Katie said...

Do you have an extra quilt/blanket that is large enough to hang in front of the sliding doors? We did this for a while before we replaced some doors and windows and it really helps - makes it dark during the day but helps with wind & general warmth retention.

Stephanie said...

When I brought that up she decided to go with the plastic shrink wrap :D