Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When it rains.......

So Monday we found out that \:

Bill has a kidney infection AND the flu and possible a urinary tract infection
Bill is on the layoff list at work effective next week
J is contemplating leaving the trailer as soon as January

Bill is off for the rest of this week before the layoff starts to get better and Teen was going to do Thanksgiving at her maternal grandparents. So we arranged for her to stay there for the next couple days. Her grandfather is terminally ill with cancer and she needs to spend time with family she would otherwise not see due to the fact that her mom is barely in her life. So I decided that we should go on a trip to see my parents 3 hours north in Decatur. Obviously I have internet access here. So I hope everyone has a happy turkey day. I'll keep in touch.


Mysti said...

Goodness! No fun for you guys. I hope he feels better soon and the job issue doesn't cause a major effect in your lives. Little bumps can be ok, but pot holes suck. {hugs}

Stephanie said...

thanks no major pot holes yet thanfully