Friday, December 21, 2007

I'll have a green, green, Christmas..errr Yule yeah :)

So in our household most of us are Pagan, except for Teen she's figuring it out herself which is fine. But anyways yeah we celebrate Yule, Winter Solstice. I came home early partly because Im still battling this wicked sinus infection and partly because I really wanted to give Bill his gift. We get his boys tomorrow to give them their gifts but I could not wait and pestered the hell out of him to open his. So we decided to open our one that Teen could open while her brothers are here.

So I got what are in my opinion THE best gifts a girl who is dying to go "Green" .....6 canvas totes, that I can also embroider, a new hobby Im trying out, and 4 recycling bins!!! He got me my recycling bins!!!!! So now here I am happy and giggly as all get out. I am going to print off signs for bins and recycling will commence immediately! He doesn't think that he got me anything special!!! Silly boy made me almost cry. He has no idea how special this is, that its an enormous show of support and a huge gesture of what he wants our future together to encompass...silly boy.

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Anonymous said...

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