Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We got snow on Satuday night. I was at my company's Christmas party, Bill was home as he had gotten the boys. Most of its gone now but it was pretty while it lasted. It has been very cold and the trailer hasnt been too bad. We'll see what the power bill looks like though. I did finally get some plastic up on the patio door but Baron (Bill and Teen's cat) has effectively put several slices in it. He's the only one that can as he isnt declawed and my girls were before I even got them.

The house hunt is still on and Im to the point of wanting to shoot someone. I dont know if I can afford what I want so badly for us to have what we've talked about that and as much as it sounds childish....I'd rather rent than settle for something I dont want. Of course Bill thinks otherwise, and he thinks if I decide to go with renting that we'll never get a place of our own. I'm trying here but right now I really feel like quitting.

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