Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here I go again....

The washer drain froze....again. I told S and nothing was done. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow and I can do some laundry. On another S note. He bought some CFL light bulbs for the house. Yeah maybe I made a mark :) I spent 10 bucks on a pair of new jeans from Wal-mart and felt guilty. I always do when I buy myself stuff I need like jeans but never when I buy stuff I dont need like a small thing of Hagen Daaz...go figure. Been working overtime and I go in at 11:30am and work 4 hours on my day off. I have to be up in 5 hours cuz I want to spend some time with Bill, who proudly states that he now wants to be referred to on here as Big Daddy. Go ahead and laugh I did. This is the only time Im gonna even put that down :) Got the house inspection scheduled for Wed. I am calling the bank when it opens to see if the realtor sent the paperwork yet and to drop off the stuff I have here. Im a nervous wreck. I just want to know if it's going to pass the Rural development thing and be mine. I'll have no problem waiting after that cuz I'll be too darn busy packing. Trying to plan garden stuff but my family doesnt eat things like bok choi or raddiccho. I have a hard enough time getting salads in our meals :( Is it kinda like Field of Dreams...ya know...if you plant it they will eat it???

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