Monday, January 14, 2008

House hunting sucks

So my head is going to implode if I look at anymore listings. We are frustrated. We've driven around a LOT and as we all know gas isnt cheap. Nothing has really clicked. We have a few of "lets get a showing to see the insides and see if they can be worked with". But nothing that really grabs me. I'm trying to balance out money and what we want. The houses we want to look at are a bit of drive. I worry that it will be too much. It's insane what people want for houses/land and this is an economically depressed area of the state. I have to make some calls Monday morning and then I want to not worry or think about it for my days off, just take a break.

One a side note does anyone know how easy/hard it is to convert a propane/gas heater to wood or multifuel? What are your opinions on them?

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Anonymous said...

Going Green,
Take your time. You will get a lot more for your $50,000 at the end of 2008 than you can now. Prices will only continue to go down. Some experts think for one more year, more think that will continue to happen for 3 more years. Make some ridiculous offers; you may be surprised how desperate people are to sell. Good luck.