Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wrapping up 2007 and starting off 2008

Ok so after I wrote the last post Teen decided she just had to take the decrept(sp?) particle board entertainment center/armoire out of her room and I had to help. Not that I mind, I LOVE when she takes her own initiative to clean her is is a complete disaster much of the time. So now its after 4am. But anyways... I got caught up with peoples' posts here's whats going on. It's your typical mix of good and suckage that everyone deals with.

Christmas in Decatur went well. I got my food dehydrator from my parents and 2 extra trays. I also got a hot stone massage kit and room fragrance set and enough money to pay for gas and snacks home. Bill made out like a bandit. He got a circular saw, new screwdriver set AND a gift card to Sears. My family is all about tools :) Teen got great gifts that teenagers like to get and she uses her camera we got her a lot.

The Recycling bins have been a success in the trailer. I have clear glass, tin, plastics #1 and #2. We have a lot of plastic containers that we are repurposing as tupperware stuff. All of them seem to be plastic #5. I don't know what the differences in them are but I do notice more now.
I put all my canvas totes in the car tonight. Teen and I had gone grocery shopping and I had forgotten them on the countertop but I had 2 in the trunk and we used them. Bill has used the giant book tote that I got from my workplace as well. I will have to do another shopping run this weekend so the plastic bags are going to the recycling box they have set up at the grocery store. Hopefully its the end of platic shopping bags for us at least.

The house thing is slow in coming. I haven't applied for a loan yet, Im still trying to get stuff paid off. Medical bills from two admissions and subsequent unneccessary medical procedure have made it frustrating. For my birthday last May I got kidney stones...yep 2 of them. One that I passed (they couldnt find it when they did the cystoscopy Fun!) and one that is hopefully not going anywhere..oh and an ovarian cyst. But thats nothing shocking, I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I'm down to about $300 in medical bills that Im still trying to pay off along with my credit card bills. I shredded the one card and put the other one up so I can't use it. Bill actually helped pay on my radiology bill today, which made me almost cry. He said "This is OUR bill, we're getting married ya know" that is a HUGE thing for both of us. I've contemplated taking on a second job which he is completely against. He knows I'd probably burn out. Right now Im working full time 2nd shift. I signed up for as much overtime as I could for the holidays but they had so many people volunteer that they drew names to see who would work and I didn't get picked. I want to get this taken care of before I start applying for a mortgage loan but I don't think we'll have that much time, things here are still going downhill.

Thing here are sucky to put it mildly. J is waiting to hear back about if she got the place she wants, its flipping cold as hell out and the duct work doesnt work on one entire side of this double wide...guess what side our bedroom and teens bedroom is on? I mean the outside cats get in there for the love of Pete! Mainly its just really cold air that seeps up out of them, we try to keep them covered. I dont even want to know what the power bill is gonna be like. Oh and today the washer decided to spew water all over the floor because something is wrong with the drain. I dont know when or how S is going to get that taken care of as he's leaving for the week soon. So Teen and I had to take the rest of our wash and all our towels that got used to soak up the water to the laundry mat.

On my last note I made lasagna for the first time tonight and it was divine :) I am trying to cook more often and stuff that actually takes more effort than a pizza or hamburgers.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a good man. You shouldn't feel bad about him helping you out. I too have some medical bills lately and they can be so depressing. Remember to be thankful you have access to medical care, that is what I keep telling myself. And fridges go out and things freeze, and we get through it all right! Hang in there.