Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Overtime went well. They may offer more towards the end of the week. Came home and found out Heath Ledger died, I am heartbroken, he was one of my new fave actors...damn sexy, damn shame. I was suppose to get the disclosures for the house emailed to me with the square footage of the house. I dont have it and Im kinda torqued off. I made lasagna today with low carb noodles by Dreamfields. It wasnt half bad, not as good as my first batch though. I like cottage cheese better than riccotta I guess. I worked in a salad for everyone as well. Teen is making me slightly irrate. She promised to clean her room and hasn't so I gently reminded her that its not about a messy room, its about keeping her word. Who knows, I just might go in there while she's at school and clean it. She absolutely LOVES that. (Yes that is sarcasm) But thats what you get when you fall back on a promise and then complain about it.

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