Thursday, January 10, 2008

So it has begun

Went to the bank talked for about and hour and left. I should know Thursday night or Friday day he said. Bank Dude is checking three possible routes, a conventional first time home owners, one through the Illinois Department of Housing and one through Rural Development which I believe is a USDA thing. He said I really need to put my tax money in the savings instead of using it to pay off the credit cards because #1 I dont have that much debt and I really need to have about $1-2,500 to use for things like closing costs, inspections etc. He's basically punching me up for a $50,000 house that includes taxes and insurance. God I think I might die of embarrassment if I get turned down. That and dissapointment, which is FAR worse than embarrassment.

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Katie said...

Good Luck! We did all that loan paperwork earlier in 2007. Still haven't found a house but its nice to know what we can afford (which is lower than what we were approved for by the mortgage company). I was surprised at the costs of things like inspections, earnest monies, closings, etc... Anyway good luck!