Friday, January 11, 2008

Yeah baby!

So I got the call today. My credit is good and I have been approved for $50k went to a local realtor and we chatted them up. Most of what was in our price range didn't have a lot of land but there were a few over half an acre and I think there was actually one with an acre. Not sure if the Royalton place would pass with inspections and I would have to haggle prices but you never know. I was hoping to find something with some more land even if that means rehabbing the house a bit but these people seem against it. He's still working on the IL dept of housing stuff and the Rural development places as well but I was pretty sure that I had to be unable to get financing by traditional means for the Rural development. I will have to call and see.

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Katie said...

Congrats! And I'm incredibly jealous of your real estate market - I can't get a half acre of bare land for less than $65k here... Good luck in the search!