Thursday, February 7, 2008


Tuesday night through a bit of Wednesday predawn we had a really wicked storm system run through. The front yard flooded, roads flash flooded and tornado sirens went off several times. So what was I doing? I was enjoying it from my windows until I got a call from Teen and her friend telling me that they were closing the school function they were at early and to come get them.. I try to leave and step out on the front porch only to realize I can't even see my car! Four minutes later the rain eased up to where I could see said car but the tornado siren went off. So Bill jumps up gets dressed and decides that he needs to drive with me to get the girls. It took forever with a few times of me thinking my car was going to either stall or get swept away. But we got them, took her friend home and Teen and I finished the evening watching the polls of Super Tuesday with me trying to explain the signifcance of said event. I am horrible as I did not vote. I don't even think I know where my reg card is. Bill ended up taking my car to work as his circuit board for his windshield wipers is starting to go and it was still pouring when he got up for work. He also took it tonight, I mean, it is better gas mileage than the truck and I'm not going anywhere this late if I don't have to.

In house news, we met Dana the realtor to sign the paperwork regarding the demands and we are trying to get the FHA inspector to get out there and do her thing. Feels like this is taking forever. Ya know that whole time is realitive thing.

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