Monday, March 31, 2008


I am not closing tomorrow. This is not a joke. I may have to get a lawyer. I will write more when I get home from work.

.....ok im back its 1 am Tues morning
So we get out there and Dana the Realtor lets us in the house then drops the bomb that we can't close tomorrow. Seems that the seller had neices/nephews that needed to sign off on the house and they were all supposedly in agreement signing quit claim deeds that were to be overnighted. We knew this and were assured that the it was all being finalized and taken care of.....Well.....They haven't gotten the papers back and the seller can't get a hold of anyone. They all live in Memphis I guess. Don't know if its a mailing problem or possibly the kids getting greedy. So I had to walk away from her so she couldnt see me start crying...Bill is enraged to say the least and told her that Mr. Seller and Mr. Lawyer have 2 weeks to get this fixed or we are getting ahold of our lawyer and suing them. Because #1 they should have had that settled before the house even went up on the market and #2 he signed a legal contract that apparently he had no business in doing so. The lawyer knew all this, knew the house was getting sold and didn't do his damn job. I couldn't even look at anyone I was so distraught. According to Bill when he told her we'd sue she looked freaked out. We are not mad at her, she has tried to get this taken care of from the moment she found out about all this...which was like 10 min before us. So yeah thats where we are now. When I got home I bawled my eyes out and passed out in bed. What the hell are we going to do??!! Almost all of our stuff is packed, we let the groceries dwindle so that we wouldn't have to haul a bunch of food(ok not that big of a deal) and to top it off I have plants sprouting with basically NOWHERE to put them.

Pictures and lists

Here are the pics I promised...First we have the loads of canning jars from the auction.
Next we have th plans for the property mapped out...not to scale but the garden IS suppose to be bigger than the house lol! Followed by the seed starter trays and the bag of seeds/bulbs that I have now thanks to a loveable, hyper and somewhat inpatient Bill.

And lastly this is me chilling at the local Denny's at 2am after a rough day at work..Thanks Lelu!
Ok and now for the list

All the vegetables that we are planning on planting
(thanks to Tammie and a super hyper Bill)

black cherry tomato
hybrid white eggplant cloud 96
Rosa Bianca heirloom eggplant
Striped cavern tomato
Nantes carrot
National pickling cucumber seed
few pinches each of Butter head lettuce and Romain lettuce
Garden peach tomato
pinch of tendercrisp celery
Jarrahdale pumpkin
Grandma Mary's paste tomato
Jubilee orange tomato
Green onions
Sweet white onions
Green pepper mix
Straightneck Yellow Squash
Roma tomato
Poblano peppers
Cannonball gourd
Dipper gourd
Loofa gourd
Bush cucumber
Bush green bean
Pole green bean
Sindara lettuce
Sugar snap pea
Birdhouse gourd
Spaghetti squash
Honey dew melon

Monday to Tuesday

Monday we have the final walk through at 10am. Tuesday I close at 1:30pm.

I have 4 (72pellet) Jiffy greenhouses with seeds planted. Yeah might be overkill but Bill has taken over :) He insists that we are behind, I think he has become obsessed ;) I think I will have more plants than I will ever need for that matter. But it's all good. I have spent the last couple days working and trying to chill have become obsessed myself with seeds including the soon arriving set that Tammie has been gracious enough to send. To easy my anxiety of all this bruhahah I have been blasting Type O Negative and my 80s mixed cds...yes i know, its a little...different.

S cleaned out his closets, Bill and I cleaned out some of ours and we except for my clothes they are being donated to the womens shelter. Bill got some really sexy army cammo shirts and some steel toed boots....I miss having combat boots myself. Im going to read up on everyone then I'll come back later and blab more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The weekend is here!

So Im trying to plan a garden. I have some left over seeds from last year (radish, green onion, and an unopend packet of lettuce) plus seeds that I saved from some green peppers. But I really need to sit down and plot out what else to get and stuggle with the fact that I might have to buy them from Walmart (shudders) or maybe Rural King instead of the seed catalogs. Does this make me bad?? The farmers market is suppose to start up the first weekend of April but Im not sure if I will be able to afford a lot of live plants. I can't keep a rosemary plant alive lately it seems and there are just some things Im going to need at the house ASAP. Im a little frustrated. I've never canned anything in my life. Haven't gotten to use my dehydrator either but Im a pretty decent freezer LOL :) I worry that I'll not plant enough or that I'll plant too much and be overwhelmed. Im really worried that I'll sicken or kill everyone with my canning attempts. Everyone starting out goes through this right??!

Also, I've come to the conclusion that bread baking...for the not something that Im going to persue at this time. I'm not suppose to have it during my 1st phase of South Beach and Bill isn't a big fan of bread either. Really, I'm going to try to focus on the gardening and tackling things like canning and dehydrating and of course, the chickens. Then of course there is the frugal and thrifty living that we want to do so that we can not worry so much about money and bills and enjoy life. I realized that I keep trying to fit everything in and Im giving myself a migraine. So Im prioritizing and once certain things are tackled I will move on to things like bread.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hi again

Hope everyone had a good Ostara and Easter. Was approved for the house. YAY!! Suppose to close on the house Tues or Wed, cross your fingers. Bill has taken to packing almost anything he can get his hands on...including the toaster which he thought was ours but wasnt lol.. But he's full of anxiety and must do something or else his head will explode. He did get to go to an auction this weekend and brought home more canning jars than I can shake a stick at plus a bunch of "guy/garage" stuff and some tools and a post hole digger and even a couple tiki torches :) He only spent 32 bucks. Not knowing at the time that he got the jars I came home to him washing them all out. I have pictures but at the moment Im not sure where the cam is...hope he didnt pack it. He says that auctions are the ultimate form of recycling. I've never been to one so he's promised to take me. We need a lot for the house. Washer and dryer possibly a new stove (the one thats there is propane and I would like electric cuz there's not much left) oh and definitely a tiller and lawn mower. We have almost an acre and Bill isn't to keen on push mowing. He refuses to let me mow the lawn (there's a story about my ex to go with that lol) Not working any overtime this week. I promise to post more.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh btw

#1- I got to see live baby chicks in person...which is a first..plenty of full grown but never babies...til now.
#2- Gina, I didn't get time to email you can you please add me :) Pretty please??!!!!
#3- I've gone grocery shopping and am starting my South Beach stuff
#4- I'm gonna try to pull more overtime this weekend

And most importantly...I've really missed you guys. Im trying to catch up on everyones posts but I am still here.


I got the call finally Weds afternoon. I should be closing Mon or Tues then we have to flush the water heater and fix it's vent pipe before we move in. I want to get this done sooner but I guess most places are closing for Good Friday :( I have to schedule the final walkthrough and see how the land is holding up.

Don't know how many of you keep tabs on the weather but we had about 48hrs of rain. That included I think almost a foot or so of rain. Yeah parts of town both in Carbondale and Christopher flooded. We went to check and see how the gutters were holding. Found out we really need to put gutters on the garage though. I will probably go back out this weekend to check on things. Our place here in Carbondale was fine, flooded yard but other than that we were good. My friends Brenna and Tom had to be evac'd from their trailer by boat. It was bad, they still weren't allowing people into their park today. Both their cars were almost completely out of idea on their place though.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The gutters went up. They got approved. This Tuesday my life with unfold or unravel. I should be getting THE call. I've been working overtime Im dead tired and have the workings of a famous migraine...why am I doing this again lol??

Sunday, March 9, 2008


And now i have to put gutters on the house because the owner wont and they wont approve it unless gutters go up. GRRRRRRRRR

Friday, March 7, 2008


You have survived a whole week without my blogging. I have been logging massive hours at work as we have overtime indefinitely. Im not closing tomorrow on the house like I was suppose to. Found out that they sent the paper work to the wrong office. GRRRRR I want to move! However I did find out that Bill wants to get married Jun 20th, which not only is the Summer Solstice but also the Friday before we go to Ragnorok. Its the gigantic gather for my medieval combat stuff also known as Dagorhir. So I have to wait to hear about the house still and plan a wedding in less than 3 months. Im going to go completely white haired from this I swear!