Monday, March 31, 2008


I am not closing tomorrow. This is not a joke. I may have to get a lawyer. I will write more when I get home from work.

.....ok im back its 1 am Tues morning
So we get out there and Dana the Realtor lets us in the house then drops the bomb that we can't close tomorrow. Seems that the seller had neices/nephews that needed to sign off on the house and they were all supposedly in agreement signing quit claim deeds that were to be overnighted. We knew this and were assured that the it was all being finalized and taken care of.....Well.....They haven't gotten the papers back and the seller can't get a hold of anyone. They all live in Memphis I guess. Don't know if its a mailing problem or possibly the kids getting greedy. So I had to walk away from her so she couldnt see me start crying...Bill is enraged to say the least and told her that Mr. Seller and Mr. Lawyer have 2 weeks to get this fixed or we are getting ahold of our lawyer and suing them. Because #1 they should have had that settled before the house even went up on the market and #2 he signed a legal contract that apparently he had no business in doing so. The lawyer knew all this, knew the house was getting sold and didn't do his damn job. I couldn't even look at anyone I was so distraught. According to Bill when he told her we'd sue she looked freaked out. We are not mad at her, she has tried to get this taken care of from the moment she found out about all this...which was like 10 min before us. So yeah thats where we are now. When I got home I bawled my eyes out and passed out in bed. What the hell are we going to do??!! Almost all of our stuff is packed, we let the groceries dwindle so that we wouldn't have to haul a bunch of food(ok not that big of a deal) and to top it off I have plants sprouting with basically NOWHERE to put them.

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Gina said...

Did they give you any sort of indication of how long it would take? How ridiculous. I would at least consult a lawyer (even if you end up not using them). I think you have a case here. No wonder she looked freaked out-she knows this is a legal issue too.

I hope this gets solved quickly. Don't give up-buying a house is very stressful. I think you summed it up when you said the part about "...not doing his damn job" that is what it generally seems to come down to. Those that are employed to take care of these issues (and we all know they get paid well to do this) wait until last minute because it is not important to them as it is to you. This is a major investment of time and money where you guys are concerned, but for them it's just a day of work. Keep on them!!!!

Good luck-sending you positive vibes to get thru this less painfully and quickly!