Monday, March 24, 2008

Hi again

Hope everyone had a good Ostara and Easter. Was approved for the house. YAY!! Suppose to close on the house Tues or Wed, cross your fingers. Bill has taken to packing almost anything he can get his hands on...including the toaster which he thought was ours but wasnt lol.. But he's full of anxiety and must do something or else his head will explode. He did get to go to an auction this weekend and brought home more canning jars than I can shake a stick at plus a bunch of "guy/garage" stuff and some tools and a post hole digger and even a couple tiki torches :) He only spent 32 bucks. Not knowing at the time that he got the jars I came home to him washing them all out. I have pictures but at the moment Im not sure where the cam is...hope he didnt pack it. He says that auctions are the ultimate form of recycling. I've never been to one so he's promised to take me. We need a lot for the house. Washer and dryer possibly a new stove (the one thats there is propane and I would like electric cuz there's not much left) oh and definitely a tiller and lawn mower. We have almost an acre and Bill isn't to keen on push mowing. He refuses to let me mow the lawn (there's a story about my ex to go with that lol) Not working any overtime this week. I promise to post more.

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The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Congratulations on closing!
I am a fan of those estate auctions too. Unfortunately having my youngsters prevents an all day or half day excursion as of late.Looking forward to hopping a few this summer now that Frog is older.