Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got the call finally Weds afternoon. I should be closing Mon or Tues then we have to flush the water heater and fix it's vent pipe before we move in. I want to get this done sooner but I guess most places are closing for Good Friday :( I have to schedule the final walkthrough and see how the land is holding up.

Don't know how many of you keep tabs on the weather but we had about 48hrs of rain. That included I think almost a foot or so of rain. Yeah parts of town both in Carbondale and Christopher flooded. We went to check and see how the gutters were holding. Found out we really need to put gutters on the garage though. I will probably go back out this weekend to check on things. Our place here in Carbondale was fine, flooded yard but other than that we were good. My friends Brenna and Tom had to be evac'd from their trailer by boat. It was bad, they still weren't allowing people into their park today. Both their cars were almost completely out of idea on their place though.

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