Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday to Tuesday

Monday we have the final walk through at 10am. Tuesday I close at 1:30pm.

I have 4 (72pellet) Jiffy greenhouses with seeds planted. Yeah might be overkill but Bill has taken over :) He insists that we are behind, I think he has become obsessed ;) I think I will have more plants than I will ever need for that matter. But it's all good. I have spent the last couple days working and trying to chill have become obsessed myself with seeds including the soon arriving set that Tammie has been gracious enough to send. To easy my anxiety of all this bruhahah I have been blasting Type O Negative and my 80s mixed cds...yes i know, its a little...different.

S cleaned out his closets, Bill and I cleaned out some of ours and we except for my clothes they are being donated to the womens shelter. Bill got some really sexy army cammo shirts and some steel toed boots....I miss having combat boots myself. Im going to read up on everyone then I'll come back later and blab more.

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