Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pics and stuff

Bill and the Teen discussing "strategies" while we were driving all over for the city wide garage sale
Scored this for $2
Bill working on my altar,the lid will lift up and give me some storage
My kitchen and in the back is a lil laundry area, you can only see the dryer..its as wide as a washer and dryer side by side.
The garden after Bill tilled and the carport that we don't use that I want to turn into a chicken coop or something.
The view of my enitre garden..had to go to the neighbors yard to get it all :) Mwahahahah
Farmers Market is really the Dogs Day out on the town
Potted herbs for anywhere from $2- 2.50
Bill and the Teen at Farmers Market looking at honey maybe?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So things are starting to even out I think. We had to rent a tiller to do out the back yard. Bill has once again taken over but I can say that I've put in a good deal of work myself. We started some more seedlings that have already sprouted but we also bought some live plants at the farmers market and Lowe's. Also Bill hit Rural King. Its my weekend and I will get pictures of everything.

In other news we are getting married this Friday, the 20th. We are going to the court house with some family and friends in tow and then we are having a reception at our house. You guys are all invited (seriously) but I know you more than likely can't make it...but once again...there will be many pictures. I work the next day and then we leave for Ragnorok on Sunday morning. I want to leave after I get off work at midnight but Bill is wanting to leave at around 4 am :( Its about 8 hours or so to get to Cambridge and I would like to get there before noon so that we can set up. We will be there for a week. I have no idea what Im going to where, my bodices are too big and I don't believe Bill will have time to fix them like he said he would.

I bought some bananas today that Im going to put them into the dehydrator.. its first job! I haven't gotten to do any canning for lack of fresh produce...not to mention that its been super busy. There is so much I want to tell you guys about! I feel really blessed, equally scared and sometimes nauseaous but we are holding down the fort.

Friday, June 6, 2008

So I have been without internet access sorry I didnt post............................

I HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

We closed Thursday the 29th at 3pm and started moving within the hour. We had everything at this place by Friday night/early Saturday morning. We are pretty much set up and 80% soon as I find energy I will get pictures. I do have the garden staked already....attempted to lay down the broken down cardboard boxes (wetted down) to kill the grass but they keep blowing a running tiller for $65 and oh yeah Im putting in 53 hours this week. I gotta go sleep cuz they are having a huge town rummage sale and I have to try to find furniture for our bedroom and an end table or two for the living room.