Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pics and stuff

Bill and the Teen discussing "strategies" while we were driving all over for the city wide garage sale
Scored this for $2
Bill working on my altar,the lid will lift up and give me some storage
My kitchen and in the back is a lil laundry area, you can only see the dryer..its as wide as a washer and dryer side by side.
The garden after Bill tilled and the carport that we don't use that I want to turn into a chicken coop or something.
The view of my enitre garden..had to go to the neighbors yard to get it all :) Mwahahahah
Farmers Market is really the Dogs Day out on the town
Potted herbs for anywhere from $2- 2.50
Bill and the Teen at Farmers Market looking at honey maybe?


vonne said...

Looks like you got yourselves a fine looking homestead. Now the fun starts. :)

I wish you Blessing on your wedding day --on the first day of spring.

vonne said...

"First day of Spring" ????
My poor old aging brain.... :(
Can't wait to see your pics.