Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh My Gods!

Ok so I went out into the garden at 6:30am today to try to get a jump on the grass problem again. I tied up the tomatoes that I staked and was pulling away when Bill got home a lil after 7am. So we did our morning garden walk looking at what was coming in, while Bill lamented the loss of the watermelon I just HAD to pick yesterday. Well lo and behold I was clearing out the grass that was swallowing the watermelon and found 2 more big ones!! I left them be. So we decided to go through everything and good thing cuz we got a huge haul.

Massive amounts of jalepenos
A dozen or so of Turnips
4 large cukes
A nice batch of pickling cukes

So here I am with this stuff with more blossoms all over and Im thinking...ok here we go sink or swim Stephanie. The tomatoes are starting to get big, as are the spaghetti squash, the green peppers are starting to get to a good size and the green beans, cantaloupe and honeydew are flowering too.

I dont have a BBB of canning hell I dont even have a jar lifter, or lids for my jars. But Rural king is having a sale Bill said and I have to read the flyer he brought home. I found a pickle recipe in my Back to Basics book that seems fairly reasonable to do. It says I have to soak the cukes overnight in brine and gave me a recipe for the brine as 1/3 c salt to 1/2 gal water....Um can I use table salt cuz it doesnt say pickling salt or anything.

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Kathie said...

I'd use pickling salt - most table salt will give you mushy pickles, I know I've done it.

I bet your library has a BBB and plenty of other canning books you could use. If you need any canning help - email me. I'm happy to answer questions and share recipes.