Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doing Not Thinking Challange Weeks 2&3
Yeah well they got combined cuz I was out doing and forgot to post. Lots of excitement...even some pictures and video (oooooohhhh!!) that I will share after tomorrow hopefully. Week two found me harvesting more and snatching up 2 square foot gardening boxes that were freecycled. I should be getting them tomorrow after Bill gets off work. I cant wait!! I made 4 quarts of limed sweet pickle chips and they seem to be a hit. I followed their success with another batch of pickles that I am confident will be crisp! I also made 3 qts of pickled green tomatoes but I made a mistake and pressure canned them instead of boiling bath(and for too long probably too high) and not only were they mushy but I lots a LOT of fluids out of them. Oh but they tasted perfect! So score for learning from that eh?
Week 3 found Bill and I going through the garden and planning what we will do better next year...like say MULCHING! We have been harvesting a super long Cayenne that Im not really excited about...they are not very hot the farther you get away from the seeds...just not what we wanted but we'll make do. Got some Hungarian Wax peppers and seeds from a friend for next year We did pull out 4 watermelon, 5 cantaloup and 1 honeydew. the honeydew was a little under ripe but oh well more where that came from. Saturday I took a half day and Bill and I went out for a drink and music then came home and cleaned, blanched and froze 2- 5 gal buckets of sweet corn on the cob. We had a good night.
Which brings me up to now.. Monday we got out and pulled more pickling cukes and meandered over the beans ...silly us....yeah i have a 5 gal bucket o green beans I gotta do something with soon. I also got more tomatoes. Bill has been harvesting his gourds and getting them ready to dry. Cant wait to see how they turn out. We will be going to the store tomorrow to get more supplies and ingredients and (possibly) a boiling bath canner that is a size that will actually fit on my stove.
Other than that things are surviving...the power bill was higher this month and so was the water bill. Money wise things are tighter than I had thought theyd be. Im working on a more feasible plan to pay off the credit cards and I only have 10 more months on the car. I am seriously considering taking on another job or renting out the 3rd bedroom to help ease up some of the cash flow.


Kathie said...

Wow, have you been a busy woman! Amazing how when we buy a new home, everything is more expensive than we thought, huh? I'm running into that too and while I'm hoping things will start evening out now that most of the repair stuff is done, its still so different to be spending so much and saving so litte...

JoyceAnn said...

Sounds like the challenge is going well for you. Those canned goods will save you alot on your grocery bill in the coming months.

~ Blessings ~