Friday, August 1, 2008

I spoke too soon

So Wed night we had wicked storms roll corn is blown down as were most the peppers..the mush that is my garden tried to take my shoes off other news my workplace decided to back date my insurance to the date of my wedding (which they didn't mention to me, just told me I had 30 days from said event to turn my paperwork in) so instead of $30 they took out 120. Im seven shades of pissed and have no recourse. We were suppose to go up to Decatur this Saturday but thats pretty much scrapped. I cried all the way home on lunch cuz I really just wanted to see my folks and show Bill and the Teen the Decatur Celebration...aka HUGE street fair. We wont have the money for gas let alone things like eating and shopping at the event.

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La Petite Redhead said...

Lurker coming out of hiding. : )

You really didn't miss much not coming to the Celebration on Saturday. It was wicked hot up here and the entertainment wasn't that great.