Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I think...

I think Im becoming a little depressed...Ok so I know Im a bit depressed. Today while talking with Bill before work I just kept getting increasingly overwhelmed. Things around the house were piling up, the gardens a mess and getting attacked again by the japanese beetles, I haven't canned anything and I worry that my harvest is going to the compost bin en mass, the truck is still broken down and to top it off my workplace screwed me out of over $120 of my last check to which I have no recourse. Plus work hasnt been offering overtime yet we are consistently having customers wait 30min or more to speak to someone. (I'll explain my job later) I am worried about the bills and what Bill will think and a sundry of other thing that kicked me into anxiety overdrive. Overwhelmed is an understatement. This isn't going the way I had figured it would. So finally on my way out to the car I just started crying. Bill saw that and had me come back in and I admitted that I am feeling overwhelmed and feeling like I cant handle things anymore. I got a hug and a kiss and scooted off to work. When I came home on lunch Bill had cleaned the majority of the house for me. Stuff I had planned to do tonight. So I asked him to leave me a to do list for my "weekend" Im pretty sure I can do all of it, which makes me a bit more calm. I still feel a little like crying but I'm tired of it.

I saw Two Frogs blog on Doing Not Thinking....I want to do it. I think it will save my sanity.

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