Thursday, September 18, 2008

I worked in the garden quite a bit today. Some of the tomato plants had to go. They weren't doing anything and were looking horrid. Jalapenos are still churning out as well as the super long cayenne we got. I got quite a few green peppers as well. I pulled up a lot of grass. And I will have to start pulling the melons as they have gone wilty on me. I think also that I have an aphid infestation :( Not happy. I found some carrots had finally come up and some lettuce that sprung. Quite happy about that I must say. There are tons of catepillars that are trying to eat my fennel. Bill is quite pissed that I asked him to pull them off and put them in the grass and not kill them. I think a few of them are Monarch pillars and even if they werent Im not a catepillar squisher....though its open season on most other bugs. Anyway, I am up to my armpits in green beans again. I have about 13 quarts or so put up plus some in the freezer but I am running out of places to put stuff. Bill says we do not have enough to last us a year. Umm there is only 3 of us here at the moment. I dont forsee us going through all that. Might be 4 come January. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. I offered our old roommate Jodi the 3rd bedroom for $250 a month. Her lease at her efficiency is up in January. She should be graduating at the end of next spring. Not sure if she will take it though. It would be really nice though to have the extra money.

Speaking of money. I went to get the stuff to make Phelan's Alfredo Sauce and the cost of supplies made my mouth drop.. I really need to get in with someone who has a dairy operation going on.
  • 1 quart of heavy whipping cream is currently $3.28
  • Trying to get 16 oz of shredded parmesan cheese was insane. Arnold's market was out and the Co Op was closed so I had to get it at Krogers....18 oz was $10.80
  • Butter is almost $3 for a pound.

So Im going to try to get that canned tonight.


Phelan said...

My god woman! It might be cheaper just to buy the premade stuff.

Kathie said...

Yikes that is some mighty expensive butter! Was that for organic?

Stephanie said...

Nope, I wish. Ok I made it and had one seal failure :(

Anonymous said...

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